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Town Talk: A Magatory Appeal

Lara C. Andreykovich

Magatory: (adj.) a self-invented word used to describe the restored greatness of the United States of America. With the 2024 elections quickly approaching, it would be unheard of to say, as a United States citizen, that you are NOT involved in the future state of the nation given its current condition. Indeed, it is unarguable that our nation’s destiny is in the hands of powerful individuals (plural), who are playing a wicked game of roulette with the safety, security, and constitutional rights of the American people. Having read and watched news reports from diverse perspectives, it is difficult to comprehend the obliviousness of those who continue to compromise our rights as citizens in exchange for a globally perceived “and justice for all” approach to politics.

To be clear, the reason behind today's article’s title is not because it connects to Republican candidate Donald Trump. I created it because it is a reminder of how I wish to perceive my country again in the future. And I hope we all can agree that restoring the United States to a vigorous and healthy state of being is of paramount importance, especially as the gradual shifting of the establishment’s priorities has created a country where sustaining our simple needs has become increasingly difficult to accomplish.

In preparation for the coming election, I have (more than ever before) been reading an abundance of news reports from varied media sources and examining the news from a wide selection of channels. Since the spectrum of reports contains various degrees of credibility, it is emboldening to examine the reports thoroughly in order to make an educated decision instead of one that is in vain, as the fate of the country depends on each one of our votes. I recognize that observing multiple news perspectives on complex topics has strengthened my own credibility for the purpose of engaging in constructive conversations with people, rather than tuning out. Excusing oneself from critical conversations surrounding the nation’s future is unacceptable, especially now when we are all shouldering our national anxieties.

The current appeal for self-education has no roots in political party choice. Rather, it is a request for learning about bipartisan standpoints (via competing sources), so that you can actively engage in critical talks with fellow citizens and ultimately choose an apt leader. While constructively conversing with others, try to listen actively and not re-actively, in order to avoid character-whacking and drawing unsupported conclusions simply because you did not like what the other person(s) said.

When it comes time to vote, we should all feel self-assured that we made an intelligent choice based on authentic information. Knowing that you exercised your lawful right as a US citizen to make a credible, informed, and educated choice about the safety, security, and well-being of your country is irrefutably magatory.

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I love this girl it’s right on point I’m gonna send this to my daughter and her mother in law I enjoyed our conversation’s Friday ♥️🇺🇸💙

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