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EMT Nancy Brice Receives State Recognition

Photo, Left to Right: Rob McLafferty, Butler County 911 Center representative; Scott Hutchison, PA State Senator; Marci Mustello, PA State Rep.; Nancy Brice, Karns City Regional Ambulance service board member/employee; Kandi Nassy, Secretary Karns City Regional Ambulance; Mark Lauer, President Karns City Regional Ambulance.


On Monday afternoon, November 28, 2022, at the Karns City Boro Building, Nancy Brice received state recognition for her many years in the Emergency Medical Services field.

In 1981, EMT Nancy Brice chose to go into Emergency Medical Services further. She decided to continue her education and become a Paramedic. Once certified, she volunteered for 8 years with the Petrolia Volunteer Fire Department as a Paramedic for their department owned Ambulance. By 1989 she decided to make this a permanent full-time career and took a position with the Butler County Paramedic Services/Medic Rescue. Performing her prehospital duties, Nancy was assigned to a dual response, Advanced Life Support unit, assisting Ambulances and Fire Departments in Armstrong, Butler and Clarion Counties, out of Parker City VFD. In 1990 the Parker location closed due to budget cuts, and Clarion Hospital EMS took over the area for Medic assist.

Continuing her career with Medic Rescue until its Butler County division was purchased (1991) by Medevac Ambulance, a division of Pennsylvania Medical Transport Inc. As a founding employee, Nancy was assigned, and was the crew chief for the Evans City/Mars/Cranberry area. All along, continuing to volunteer with the Petrolia Volunteer Fire Department Ambulance. In 2018 Petrolia and Chicora VFD had to make the decision to no longer provide Ambulance Services. Together, they created a Nonprofit Ambulance Service known today as Karns City Regional Ambulance Service. Nancy along with her many professional contacts helped transform the Volunteer Ambulances into the Professional Service it is today. Without Nancy’s insight and assistance, there would not be an ambulance service in the North Eastern area of Butler County today.

Both Petrolia and Chicora Volunteer Fire Departments donated their combined equipment to Karns City Regional Ambulance Service to continue with the much needed Ambulance Service for the region and surrounding areas. Without the dedication that Nancy has provided, these services would not be in this area today. Residents and visitors would have to wait for Emergency Medical Services up to 40 minutes for assistance.

Currently, Nancy still works full time at Clarion Hospital EMS and, full time with Karns City Regional Ambulance as a Paramedic and a volunteer Board Member. She continues to prepare the future of Emergency Medical Services by being an instructor for Butler County Community College, HACK, Clarion Hospital and Karns City Regional Ambulance Service. She is certified by the American Heart Association to teach various life saving programs. Nancy provides continuing education and re-certifications classes to all who wish to continue to provide Emergency Medical Services. “You can never be too old to make a difference”, Nancy says. She will celebrate her 80th birthday in the Spring of 2023.

Her coworkers and Board Members Salute her for a fabulous career in Emergency Medical Services.

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