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The Constitution Party of PA Held It’s Spring Committee Meeting

Bob Goodrich,

the CPPA Chairman


The Constitution Party of PA, CPPA, held its spring committee meeting on Saturday, March 18, 2023 at the Ramada Inn in Clarion. Bob Goodrich, the party Chairman lead a brief business meeting and then addressed committee members and guest who were in attendance.

One of the goals for the Constitution Party of PA is to help individual members of the party get elected to public office, such as County Commissioners, School Board Members, and other local county and state offices up for election.

Chairman Goodrich’s presentation was aimed at education those interested in running for office and the hoops that you need to go through to get your name on the ballot. Since the CPPA is not a part of the primary election, CPPA members have until August 1 to have their nomination papers filed.

The CPPA has 6 regions in the state of PA, where Clarion County is part of the Northwest Region. Justin Magill is the Northwest Region Chairman. Anyone interested in learning more about the Constitution Party of PA can contact Magill by email at:

Other speakers at the spring meeting were Diane Gramley, President of the American Family Association PA, AFA. The AFA of PA’s purpose is to make a difference in our communities by standing up for traditional Judeo-Christian values, to encourage faith communities to be a voice for pro-family values, and to encourage, promote and defend families and more.

Also speaking was James Clymer, and executive officer of CPPA; Marty Selker, who leads the local efforts in Clarion County. Justin Magill, CPPA, Vice Chairman, explained the “Electoral College” and the wisdom of why it was created and how it has changed.

Another speaker for the day was Aaron Pratt, a board member for the “Abolish Abortion PA” non-profit group from Mount Pocono, PA. The group is currently driving forward a bill to completely abolish (end) abortion in Pennsylvania. Their website is: If anyone is interested in learning more about this group is encouraged to visit their website for more information.

The Constitution Party is neither liberal or conservative, the party is “Constitutionalist", which means that it supports limited government as outlined in the Constitution. The Constitution Party started out as the U.S. Taxpayers Party, but in 1999, at its national convention, convention delegates chose to change the party name.

More information can be found on their website: for those who would like to learn more about this political body.

Folks mingle at the vendor area during a break.


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