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How Local Dollars are Impacting Lives 500 Days Into Ukrainian War

Clarion, PA - July 2023 – Barnabas Ministries Romania, a faith-based organization dedicated to protecting and providing hope to families and children in rural Romania, is thrilled to provide an update on their recent trip to Ukraine. Led by Emlenton native Daniel Hurrelbrink, they had three primary goals for the trip, which focused on providing aid and support to those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine.

One of their main objectives was to visit the church that Barnabas Ministries has been partnering with to assemble food packages for distribution to the war-affected areas further east. The team was deeply impressed by the church’s dedication and commitment to serving the Ukrainian people. The Christian love and compassion demonstrated by the individuals they met were evident, and the food packages were efficiently prepared and sent to where they were needed the most.

Another significant milestone of the trip was the visit to an orphanage that had been forced to relocate from the eastern region, near the city of Dnipro, due to the war. Barnabas Ministries has been actively supporting this orphanage by providing essential supplies such as food, clothing, and diapers. The team witnessed firsthand the overcrowded and inadequate conditions within the orphanage, including the presence of black mold in the dining area and limited sanitation facilities for the children. To bring comfort and joy to the children, Barnabas Ministries delivered a van full of clothing, art supplies, food, toys from the PA-led toy drive, diapers, and specially crafted handmade quilts.

In addition to fulfilling these goals, the team aimed to gain a firsthand understanding of the situation on the ground to better strategize and provide assistance in the future. Despite operating in a relatively safe and quiet area, the visible effects of the war served as a reminder of the urgency to bring an end to the conflict and continue supporting those in need.

Daniel Hurrelbrink, founder and executive director of Barnabas Ministries Romania, expressed his gratitude for the support and prayers received thus far. Financial contributions totaling $2,500 were allocated for food packages, and an additional $1,300 was spent on purchasing and transporting goods for the orphanage. Acknowledging the ongoing significance of their mission, Hurrelbrink humbly requested continued prayers and support for Barnabas Ministries’ “Barnabas Ukraine Outreach” program.

Looking ahead, Barnabas Ministries Romania is eagerly preparing for their next mission with a team of passionate volunteers from Emlenton, PA. On August 8, 2023, a team of 11 will travel to Sebis, Romania, armed with the knowledge and experiences gained from the recent trip to Ukraine. This dedicated team will provide further aid and resources to those affected, building upon the foundation established during their previous efforts.

Barnabas Ministries Romania extends heartfelt appreciation to all supporters, emphasizing the vital role they play in providing relief and hope to the people of Ukraine and Romania during this challenging time. To contribute to their ongoing humanitarian efforts and to learn more about how to support their mission, please visit

For additional details or to arrange an interview with Daniel Hurrelbrink, please contact him directly at or contact board member, Becky Gladd Hedglin by email at or by phone (814) 758-6812.

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